Hydrostatic Contents Gauges

We supply the Televar Hydrostatic Contents Gauge for oil storage tanks.

These units indicate tank contents volume in percentage. This pneumatic remote gauge can be used on cylindrical or horizontal tanks upto 3m deep. Readings are taken by means of a pull and release plunger. They are supplied with 10m of tubing. When ordering please state whether you have a cylindrical or horizontal tank.

See the full spec on the Televar hydrostatic gauges here :- Contents Gauges

Also available is an electronic hydrostatic gauge the Piusi OCIO electronic tank level indicator for oil storage tanks.

hydrostatic gauge

The OCIO Tank Level Indicator. An ‘always on’ system for monitoring the fluid level inside atmospheric tanks, which detects the static pressure of the fluid height by means of a tube inserted in the tank and displays the fluid level or volume. This gives a reliable and repeated level indication.

The system is composed: of a pipe for detecting the static pressure, with its end inserted through the top of the tank and inserted in the fluid to the bottom; and a control unit for level display and system management. The unit is provided with intuitive software that allows the connection of two alarm or lock devices.

By means of the integral software it is possible to: set the type and the dimensions of the tank; define the level alarms; define the level indication; define the unit of measurement; and calibrate the instrument.

Depending on the set alarm levels, the control unit activates or deactivates the contact working as a remote switch starting the alarm devices or cutting the power supply off the connected equipment.

To see our Hydrostatic Contents Gauges click here:-

Contents Gauges



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