Oil Uplift Pumps

We supply the Impro OUF-88 3.5 litre and 12 litre versions

Used to ensure a head of oil above the burner to provide a gravity feed supply. Inbuilt pump and micro switches call for oil when the reservoir gets low and switches itself off when full.

Maximum lift is 8 metres and the maximum distance to the oil tank is 100 metres.

oil uplift pump

OL-3L Drip Tray: Also available is a DRIP TRAY that comes complete with an automatic LEAK DETECTOR, TGPG123, that plugs directly into the OL-3L Oil Lifter. When a leak is detected by the sensor in the drip tray the oil pump in the lifter will be isolated and prevented from operating. Also a warning light will flash on the oil lifter.

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Oil Lift Pumps


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