Oil Storage Tank Security Devices

Our Oil Tank Security Devices include products to help you secure your heating oil in your tank. With the ever increasing amount of oil theft in rural areas of the country, we have now added a range of products to help deter the would be oil thief. We now offer a product to secure your oil tank filler cap, please see the Atkinson Locking Fill Point cap, a metal bush and filler cap complete with a Yale 7mm shank combination padlock. Other products to keep an eye out for are the locking vent cap and the inspection hatch tanklok. All excellant products to keep the thieves at bay and your oil safe. For more information on heating oil thefts and how else you can deter criminals from taking your oil please see our site dedicated to stopping oil theft here :- Oil Storage Tank Extra Security Ideas

The Atkinson Locking Filler Cap is our answer to preventing the would be oil thief from gaining access to your precious heating oil through you filler cap.

With a metal cap and locking bush this is a permanent addition to your filler cap which can then be locked with a Yale combination lock with a very strong 7mm padlock shank.

To see the Locking Filler Cap please click here:- Atkinson Locking Filler Cap

We also supply the Atkinson Locking Vent Cap, base on a similar principle of a permanent fitting. It comes complete with a shear screw that once locked in place shears off hiding the head of the screw making it almost impossible to remove.

To See the locking vent cap please click here:- Locking Vent Cap


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