Overfill Prevention Valves

The Atkinson Overfill Prevention valves is one of our well known products that has been available from Atkinson Equipment and Fueldump for many years. It has a proven track record with an impeccable non failure rate. It is a unique device that actually stops the tank from being overfilled rather than just giving a warning to the tanker driver to stop filling. The overfill prevention valve will allow fuel to pass through it until the maximum level is reached at which point it isolates and there for stops the tank from being overfilled. The overfill prevention valve is available for both plastic and steel fuel storage tanks.

Designed to act as the fill point on both metal and plastic diesel tanks. The Filstop physically closes the inlet to the tank should the fuel level reach its maximum during delivery. This prevents the tank from being overfilled or bursting and hence reduces the risk of pollution and expensive clean up operation that might arise from such an occurrence.

The unit for plastic tanks comes complete with fitting flange, O ring and Locking Nut, so that it can simply be fitted through a 2″ hole cut into the top of the tank. The unit for steel tanks is supplied without fitting flange, O ring nor Locking Nut ,  so that it screws directly into the 2″ BSP Female inlet.

overfill prevention valves

To see a complete spec on the Atkinson Filstop please click here.

Also please see the remote offset fil points we manufacture – This is a kit for filling the tank when the tank is not in an accessible area for the delivery tanker to reach –  Remote offset fill point


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