Oil Tank Float Gauges

Oil Tank Float Gauges

We can supply simple, float operated gauges suitable for both oil and diesel/fuel tanks

oil tank float gauges

These are available for 3ft, 4ft or 6ft deep tanks. There is also an adjustable universal version available (Suitable for tanks up to 2M deep – the adjustment is made via a screw control on the side of the dial face cover).

Please note: some sizes come with a square body and others with a round body; the universal version measures in centimetres rather than showing the ‘Full-3/4-1/2-1/4-Empty’ markings of the fixed depth versions.

We supply a ‘Combivent’ fitting that fits over a 2″ vent pipe and provides a 1-1/2″ female thread that allow the gauge to simply screw into the top of this (making fitting extremely easy).

To see a complete spec on our float gauges please click here :-

Oil Tank Float Gauge


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