Oil Top Off Take Valves

Draw oil from your tank safely with the new Atkinson Tanktop, Top Offtake System.

Leading the way into the world of Top Offtake, the Atkinson Tanktop is the WORLDS FIRST AND ONLY Top Offtake device with all of the necessary features and functions to responsibly draw oil from the top of a tank. EC Reg. Des. No: 000472493-0001.

This innovative product has all the components required for drawing fuel oil from the top of the storage tank in one unit (no joints to leak oil out or air in). It incorporates all of the following into one neat, easy to install, unit:

  • Floating Suction Head
  • Floating Suction Tube (1.6M)
  • Non Return Valve
  • 50 Micron Filter
  • Diaphragm Anti-siphon Valve
  • Anti-spill Valve
  • Tank Inlet Fitting 1″ BSPM
  • Purging / Priming Button
  • Surface Gasket
  • Totally Waterproof

To see more details on the top offtake valve please click here:-

The Atkinson Top Off Take Valve


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