Heating Oil Storage Tanks

When it comes to oil heating systems, there are obviously many different types and setups available. Some oil storage tanks are plastic and some metal. Some oil storage tanks are large some small. The tank position also bears heavily on the type of setup required to efficiently deliver oil to the boiler. Oil storage tanks can be underground, on a concrete stand or even on a pedestal above the ground. Consequently all have an effect on the type of feed pipe used and where to situate any heating oil filters.

Heating Oil Pipework

Many installations will have underground pipework that reappears at the tank and then again at the boiler. This means that any inline heating oil filters should be placed at the visible pipework by the tank.

Inline heating oil filters

This pipework in most standard domestic installations are 10mm or 3/8″ in diameter. 10mm pipework will allow a flow of oil of up to 180 lph which is usually sufficient for most homes. When considering heating oil filters for domestic systems these would in most cases be 3/8″ or 10mm. Historically paper elements are usually found in most heating oil filters. Although the washable stainless steel mesh filter elements are becoming more popular. The level of filtration offered by a stainless steel element is 100 microns. The level of filtration offered by a paper element is 15 microns.

Heating oil filters

At Plumbing & Heating Supplies UK we can supply either type of filter and filter element for 3/8″ or 10mm oil lines. Take a look at our economy 3/8″ heating oil filter here.

Another consideration when planning which filter to install is a water trap filter. This type of filter is used to monitor and remove any build up in water in the system. By the use of a clear plastic filter bowl so you can see the water and a drain tap to empty it. To see this product see this page Water separating filter for heating oil.

Many oil storage tanks when bought from new will come with a combination filter valve. This type of filter is a combination of a filter and an isolation valve. Although these types of filter offer an isolating valve as part of the unit you should consider a separate shut off valve too. Oil tank filter valve can be seen here. These units usually come as a kit including a tank adaptor, heldite glue and PTFE tape.

Of course not all heating oil pipework is 3/8″ or 10mm, in commercial or industrial applications pipework can be anything up to 1″ in diameter. We do cater for larger pipework and there are many different size filters available up to 1″. Options on these filters also include either paper or stainless steel elements. For a full list of filters and filter elements please check our oil heating filters section on our website.